pingback library requirements

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  • send pingback for given URL to remote URL
  • use HTTP_Request2, since it allows to use curl if available and others if not
$pc = new Pingback_Client();
$pc->send($myUrl, $targetUrl);

TODO: error handling. exceptions? simply true/false with $pc->getError()?


  • register custom handler
  • register custom validator
  • provide basic backlinking validator
$ps = new Pingback_Server();
$ps->registerHandler(array($datastore, 'storePingback'));
$ps->registerValidator(array($pingbackValidator, 'checkBlogAge'));
$ps->registerValidator(array($pingbackValidator, 'checkFriendliness'));

Existing libraries

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-- bad: uses outdated libraries (HTTP_Request v1, XML_RPC v1, Net_URL v1), not E_STRICT compliant - -- bad: "Client" (Utility) has no state thus has to re-fetch the remote files again and again (isPingbackEnabled, getPingbackServerURL, isBacklinking) -- you have to extend the server to properly use it -- no examples - -- bad: bunch of functions